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Welcome: We Understand…

We know that we are called upon to help only when family and friends have exhausted all means of getting their loved one to the care they need. We understand that much has transpired prior to our becoming involved. We understand the efforts that have been made and respectfully enter into this process in an effort to assist you in reaching a positive result in this most difficult of circumstances.

The grip of addiction…

The grip of addiction is both overwhelming and life threatening. The purpose of our family program and/or intervention is to effectively break the cycle of addiction and introduce the addicted individual to a process of ongoing recovery. With the help of family, friends and an experienced treatment team, this can be achieved.

As a family member of an alcoholic and/or drug addict the first thing you need to know is that you are not alone, there is hope and we can help. Much like your loved one is addicted to drugs and/or alcohol, you as a family member have become addicted to loving and saving your loved one. Your life has been greatly altered and affected due to loving an addict and/or alcoholic and often it takes outside help to navigate getting your loved one the help they need. You are member of a community that needs support and guidance and Hope Manor is here to offer you much needed support and services.

We support sober living…

We provide families with services that will assist in getting their reluctant loved one into the sober living or treatment that best suits their needs.  As part of our services, we provide the family with long-term support and guidance as they seek to not only save the life of their loved one but also find healing for themselves. 

No amount of love can save your loved one, and you can rest assured that you did not cause the addiction. If you have run out of idea and options in how to help your loved one, please call us and ask how we can help. Allow us to guide and support you in this process of finding solutions for your loved one.  For details on family services and fee, please contact us by emailing:

We do not take your trust in us lightly. We take our clients through a completely customized three-phase process, ensuring the best possible outcome. We approach each case with one mindset, one intention, to help your loved one get to recovery.

Family Workshops

At Hope Manor, we have been on both sides of the disease and we understand  it is a life or death matter. We have been trained in helping a family reach out, and assist the loved one into seek help. We guide,  support and provide the family with real solutions. We will walk with you step-by-step through a course of action.

Family Healing and Recovery: Addiction is a family disease, and while your loved one is getting the help needed, we will help your family heal as well. Getting your loved one into treatment or sober living is only the start of things, it hasn’t cured anything yet. Please know that just because your loved one is in treatment, does not mean that all the family’s issues will solve themselves. Family Roles will be brought to light, and therefore, solutions can be created and new roles can be defined. As part of our services we will provide you with resources which will help you find the solution to your personal healing.

Hope Manor has a 7-week Family Program which include presentations by professionals, personnel stories, materials, support, resources and more. Do you find trying to “fix” your loved one keeps producing the same results; constant relapses, multiple arrests, legal fees, mounting hospital bills, replacing automobiles, paying off credit card debt, losing jobs, arguments, etc.? Does your loved one manipulate and prey upon your insecurities so that they can maneuver with impunity through life while they drink or use? If you answered yes to any of the above, the Hope Manor Family Program is for you.



Review of physical health, mental health, emotional well-being, psychological factors, current social circumstances, chemical dependency status, educational and vocational history, financial considerations and legal concerns.


  • Assist the family in assessing appropriate participants for the Intervention.
  • Determine with the key family members the best time and place for a successful intervention.
  • Discuss and recommend to the family which treatment centers would be the best and most appropriate setting for placement.
  • Contact the treatment centers under consideration for review and evaluation.
  • Coordinate with the clinical team at the treatment center: admissions, cost, clinical aspects of addicted person and efficient admission.


  • Meet with family and friends to review essential elements for a successful Intervention
  • Review and edit letters written by the group to the addicted person.
  • Describe to each member of the group their role in the Intervention.
  • Work with the group to clarify any concerns or considerations they might have which would detract from the primary focus of Intervention.
  • Work with the group to solve any possible objections the addicted person may offer as reasons not to go to treatment, including but not limited to: employment situation, family need, financial obligations and scheduling problems.
  • Discuss with the designated escort team the critical logistics of delivering the addicted person to treatment.


  • Debrief with the group after the Intervention is complete.
  • Interact with the treatment team at the facility to ensure patient is participating in the master treatment plan.
  • Continue to follow up with members of the Intervention group on an as needed basis.


  • Meet at predetermined location to review key objectives, group encouragement and last minute questions that any member of the group might present.
  • Present the Intervention to the addicted person and request that he/she seek immediate treatment that day.
  • Remain flexible for any unexpected changes, i.e. addicted person not available at determined location, unexpected interruptions, etc.


All aspects of the Intervention are completely confidential.