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We are a non-profit organization that supports individuals and families with drug addiction through assistance and sober living homes!

Recovery from alcohol and drugs
is more than just abstinence.

We believe that alcoholism and drug addiction are chronic, progressive diseases which demand a lifelong set of practices as a way of living, if we are to experience permanent recovery. 
At Hope Manor people live in a sober, safe and supportive environment while learning a daily program which makes life-long sobriety possible and enjoyable. Recovery includes spiritual, physical and emotional healing, taking responsibility for our actions, gaining life tools, building a recovery support structure and friends, financial management, positive social skills and healthy habits and fun. Recovery isn’t always easy, but it is always worth it. 

A new way of life takes time…

Hope Manor offers a unique, extended-care approach and there is no better place to begin your journey of recovery. With an enthusiastic and recovery environment, Hope Manor allows residents to join a fellowship of people in recovery. 

With a vibrant job market, several local universities and trade schools all within a short distance from the Hope Manor homes, residents have multiple opportunities to advance in life while making recovery their #1 priority and establishing a firm foundation. 

Support A Resident in Need

One month at Hope Manor costs $500.00.  However, many of our residents cannot afford this amount in spite of a real desire to take action to receive the help they need. Plus in operating two houses there are always unforeseen maintenance and expenses that occur.  Today, we need you more than ever. Our commitment at Hope Manor is to the worth of every human being and together we are making an investment in human dignity. 

Accommodations and Amenities

Hope Manor homes are charming historic, beautifully furnished two-story homes in updated Craftsman style. Each house accommodates between 10 and 15 clients, with three to four people sharing a room, which is furnished with either twin or bunk beds. Homes feature nice yards with lush lawns, back decks, outdoor sitting areas and fire pits. Smoking is permitted in designated areas outside the houses.


Residences are expected to purchase and prepare their own food in the fully-equipped kitchens and family-style dining is encouraged. Each house has a volunteer live-in resident managers and assistants.

Rules and Regulations

Women and men from 18 years of age on up are welcome at Hope Manor.

  • All residents must contribute to the expenses of the house.
  • All residents must be able to care for themselves and capable of participating in daily house requirements.
  • Hope Manor fee is $250 every two weeks, which is paid on the 1st and 15th of each month.
  • Residents must either seek employment or be enrolled in school. Special exceptions are considered, based on individual assessment and the current financial ability of Hope Manor.
  • The recommended length of stay is a minimum of 9 months, but anything over three months is considered.

To get a complete list of rules and regulations please review the application.


The atmosphere is similar to an extended family, with the members forming family-like bonds with one another.

Residents in our houses regularly plan barbecues and social events together. They also carpool to attend 12 Step meetings, activities, conventions and other fun events. Hope Manor pays for and takes residents to various recovery conferences during the year.